Golf Sim 101

There’s a lot to consider with each simulator build.

Let the experts at All Seasons Golf walk you through each consideration.

Your Space

Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if you can comfortably swing your longest club in a space, then a golf simulator should be able to work there. The ideal height clearance is 10’ or more. To allow lefty and righty play, and to hit from the center of the room, you should have a minimum of 15’ of width. With anything less than that, you may be hitting off-center. The depth of the room is also important for the safety and comfortability of other people in the room. The ideal depth is 25’ which allows 10-15’ of space behind the hitter.

Launch Monitor

This is the device that analyzes the data from your golf shot which includes the speed, spin, and trajectory of your golf ball and/or your swing path and club speed.  Launch monitors are continuing to become more accurate and affordable. 

Each launch monitor is unique and costs anywhere from $600 – $20,000. Some launch monitors are portable, so you can bring them with you to the driving range and place them right next to your golf ball. Other monitors are mounted above the golfer or are placed behind the hitting area. If you’re going to have both left- and right-handed golfers play on your simulator, we would recommend a mounted launch monitor, so you don’t have to constantly move it during play.

All Seasons Golf is not partnered with a single launch monitor company. We’ll talk you through each product to help you decide which is best for your build.


This is what surrounds the golfer and keeps the golf ball from flying around your garage, basement, or business. There are a lot of different ways to safely achieve this while maintaining a professional look. Depending on your needs, a more portable simulator may be the best option. These can be taken down easily and transported whenever you are ready to move. They are also much more affordable.

If a simulator is going in a finished area and will be used for entertaining, we’ll design and build the perfect setup for your space. All Seasons Golf will also work with your contractors to make sure that any pre-build deliverables are completed before installation.

Impact Screen

All Seasons Golf only uses the highest quality of screens to handle the impact of a golf ball. It’s important to have a screen that shows a clear image from the projector and is also made from quality materials, so you don’t have to replace it frequently. We’ll fit you with a custom screen that fits the exact width and height of your space.

Turf and Hitting Mat

Playing on a golf simulator should feel as close to playing outdoors as possible. High-quality turfs and hitting mats can help achieve this. Cheap hitting mats are hard on the joints and can promote unhealthy swing habits, encouraging players to scoop the golf ball. They also need to be replaced more frequently.  We use the highest quality materials and our hitting mats even take a real tee!

All Seasons Golf also offers custom turf solutions.  Installing actual holes with premium turf is a fun and effective way to work on your putting game year-round.

High-Performance Computer

Golf simulator graphics continue to get better and require a high-performance computer to have your round run smoothly. Using low-quality components can result in a glitchy game and can reduce the longevity of the computer. If portability is important to you, we can also fit you with a high-performance laptop, though desktops are recommended.


A projector is a key component of a golf simulator. A quality projector shows a true-to-life image and makes you feel like you’re right on the course. Choose the wrong projector, and you may have a low-quality image, an image that doesn’t fit your screen, or unsightly shadows on the screen. Golf simulator projectors can cost anywhere between $750 – $6,000. We’ll make sure to fit you with the right projector that works for your particular space and budget.

Simulator Software

Each golf simulator software has different graphics, game modes, courses, and price points. Software that works well in a residential home may not be the best choice for a commercial facility. The experts at All Seasons Golf will walk you through each simulator software and offer full training after installation.

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